One-page stories – Selection from Mirko Ilić comic course

In today’s world of information and visual overload, we sometimes need a bit of distraction, a good laugh, or a minute of immersion without having to commit to a lengthy read. One-page comics are perfect for this purpose, blending humour, drama, and creativity to work their magic on a single page.

Pauer Patrik & Pintér Zia

One-page comics are a brief and independent form of visual storytelling. As opposed to conventional comic books or picture books often consisting of several pages or chapters, they feature an entire narrative one a single page. Despite their compactness, they can be particularly powerful and efficient in conveying a story, wit, or a deeper message. As they are easy and quick to interpret, they often appear in our social media feeds.

Zsiros Beatrix & Taar Alexandra

In the small world of one-page comics, there’s one artist who stands out – Mirko Ilić, who strikes a balance between the brevity of the format and the depth of the message, setting a new example for young artists. In the autumn semester, he visited the illustration specialisation of the MOME Graphic Design programme to hold a one-week course. Over the course of that week, students were asked to create their own stories on one page, were provided consultations and insights into Mirko’s work, and completed 8 comics.

Deák Kitti

Kovács Zoltán

Ring Noémi

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